Home Finances. Sorted

The free app that brings all your home finances into one place. Track, compare, switch and save, all in-app

How it works

1. Securely connect your bank

We’ll identify your home finance providers e.g. energy, water, insurance, mobile and how much they cost you

Working in partnership with Citizens Advice

How it works

2. Everything in a simple, single place

Stay on top of all your home finances from your Dashboard

How it works

3. Take fast action in-app

We’ll flag any high bills, big future payments, contract end dates… you can even compare and switch providers in-app


Permanently protected personal data

Read Only Access

Data is read-only. Nobody can access your bank account or transfer money. Not even you

FCA Regulated

We’re registered with the FCA under the Payment Services Regulations 2017

Data Protection

We’re GDPR compliant and registered with the ICO, the UK’s data privacy body

Bank-Grade Encryption

All user data is permanently encrypted and securely protected at all times

Why Youtility?

Built by consumers, for consumers


Your entire home finance ecosystem in a single place


Make quick, informed decisions in-app – take action


Impartial advice focused on saving you time and money


Working in partnership with Citizens Advice


Our Mission


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