Cash hacks: Tips & tricks to get free delivery

At Youtility, we’re all about making things easier. For the same reason, many of us avoid busy shops and long queues in favour of online shopping, where you can have everything in one place. We love this idea so much that we made it even easier for you to manage your entire home finances all in one place with our app. Although, while it’s nice to know your home finances are under control, and while it’s more convenient to splurge in the comfort of your own home, delivery costs can also start to add up. The hidden fee for shopping online. Thankfully, there are certain tricks that you employ to ensure you don’t get stung with high delivery fees.

Here are our top tricks to get free delivery:

Top up your order with essential items

Some shops only give free delivery if you spend a certain amount. This threshold is often pretty annoying especially when you’re just a little bit out of the limit. So to help remedy this, make a list of everyday essential items that you were going to buy for your weekly shop and purchase those when you have a small amount left to purchase to reach the free shipping nirvana.

Top up your order with returnable items

The trick here is to always order enough to qualify for complimentary postage – even if you don’t plan on keeping all of the items. It gets even better when your order qualifies for a free gift for spending a certain amount too. Just make sure that when you do this that the shop you’re ordering from offers free returns.

Sign up for a free trial which includes free delivery

A few stores will offer a free trial of a delivery pass, usually giving unlimited deliveries – or at least a saving on delivery costs. One example is Amazon’s Prime service. Amazon Prime members can get free next-day delivery on practically any purchase. It can be costly, at £79 for a year, but there are ways to bring down the cost. You can get a free 30-day trial and if you have others in the household, each of them can do this.

Collect in store

Another option is to order online and then collect in store, with this often done for free. Although this does mean that you’ll have to pick it up yourself, it also means that you’ll be able to double check your purchase at the shop. So if you don’t like it or it isn’t what you expected, you can usually return it there and then – saving an extra trip.

Find a free delivery code

There are all kinds of discount code sites online that you can search for free shipping and discount codes for your favourite brands. Have a quick search on Google and see what you can find.

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